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Angels / 失智天使


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The special kindergarten located in Tian Jin, a city not far from the capital, has more than 40 children with intellectual disabilities. At the same time, in order to maintain day-to-day operations, it also receives normal children from poor families. It is charged for 300-400 RMB per child monthly. As for the poor economic situation, the future of the kindergarten is still unforeseeable. The founder of this nursery Wang Chengbin is a mentally disabled boy's grandfather and he died several years ago. Wang Baijun, father of the boy, took over the responsibility of operating this kindergarten. Everyday life goes along, day after day, year after year.

Without speeches and conversation, even do not know who were their parents, they are a group of angels with the virtue vanished from modern society, such as innocence, honesty, bravery, sincerity and so on. Their intelligence is to test "smart" people in the capability of loving. This is a special nursery school, whose students are twenty or so mentally handicapped children. To make ends meet, the school also admits normal children from poor families with the charge of 300 to 400 RMB (about $50) a month.

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